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Amanda Cliff > Nice new craft beer cafe next door to the shop. A couple of local craft brews on draft, bottles from their shop and a small terrace out front. Friendly and welcoming. If they had Dutch craft as well I’d have added the 5th star

Artem Belitsky ;The best craft beer place here for sure. There are local beers and imported beers. Some Belgian classic like St Bernardus, Silly, Boon, Rodenbach, Dochter van de Korenaar also. There is selection of mainstream Baladin bottles and cans as well as some top beers like Xyauyù.
So whether you are a beer hunter in search of rare species from Macedonia or Kosovo, or just want to find a good beer bottle shop, this is a place for you.

Wojciech Walesiak Poland The best craft beer shop in more than 100 km. Extremely friendly owner, very knowledgeable, eager to help and sometimes even sharing his home-brew beer. I was extremely lucky as I tried rakija as well. Highly recommended!
Oliver Antonini Italy
The only real craft beer shop in Skopje (or Macedonia in fact). The owner Marjan was very friendly and knowledgeable; he even offered some tastings to get an idea of our preferences. Also gave us some tips for local slow food products and dining. An absolute must for the true beer connoisseur. Don’t miss out if you’re visiting Skopje!
Peter Sorensen Canada Best place in the city for a good variety of craft and specialized beer from both Macedonia and other parts of Europe. Super friendly owner, as well as a fun bunch of locals who pass through. There is an opportunity to sample some beers, chat about beer culture in Macedonia and abroad, as well as learn a bunch too. Highly recommended.
Ludo Coudert Denmark
best beer for crafts in Skopje 200%
Tila Koşan Turkey The sweetest manager in the world. We now have another friend in Macedonia. Their beers are delicious. And the conversation 🍻
We bought one of their special beers. As homebrewers, we lost ourselves inside. We took a few tours to find this place, it seems like a secret place, but it was worth it 🍻🍻🍻 definitely find this place and experience its wonderful beers.

Mina Koşan A very cute little beer house. It’s a shop that you would never find if it weren’t for the location, but if you find it, it has very enjoyable beers if you’re curious. There are special beers that you cannot come across in many places. The owner is also a caring man. It is recommended for those who are interested to go. One of the craft beers produced by them should definitely be tried.

Leeale(542) Fantastic little beer shop and the only one in Skopje. A must visit while in the city.

DeanF(591) Canada

A very small store (yes, very) just a few minutes walk from the main square. No Macedonian craft beers when I visited sadly, it seemed geared more toward the local beer lover who could no longer tolerate skopsko. Prices were fair with bottles from Italy, Slovenia, Belgium, and the UK. Service was all right. Probably only useful if you are living in Skopje and need some variety in your beer selection.

bybeer(29) Czech Republic

Central located small botleshop, but looks like the best choice in all Macedonia. Closed on Weekends. Wide choose of local crafts. Some Italian, germagerman, austrJan. Worth visiting for refeel supplies. There is also a small table where you could probably drink on the spot. But it doesn’t look comfortable. Cards are accepted.
MashChamp73(1) Best beer shop in town , Marjan is super friendly and knowledgeable about beer . He is a judge in sime international beer competitions and craft his own beer . Without knowing us he offered some of the beers he sells and entertained us while explaining many things about craft beer. Must go if you like beer and you are in Skopje!