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Craft Masters Stout Black Beer Bottle 0.5L 4.2%

200 ден

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Stout, English beer. Brewery Heritage since 1345, for a Row 6 Malt Stout, coffee and chocolate flavors. The first record of brewing in Adnams dates back to 1345, so the town of Southwold has a long history of brewing. With native East Anglia barley and Kentish hops, Craeft Masters Stout is loaded with six different powerful malts for a rich profile full of coffee and chocolate aromas.

Tasting Notes: A lovely stout beer with aromas of coffee beans, dark chocolate and roastiness. Soft as silk, light and delicate. Full of flavor, with a slightly sweet taste of nuts, caramel and raisins. Food Pairings: Smoked or Grilled Fish and Meats, Vegetable Pie with Mushrooms, Root Vegetables, Chocolate and Espresso Dessert, Oatmeal Coffee Cake, Grilled Portobello Steak with Balsamic Vinegar, Beef Pie, Barbecue, Crab and Oysters .

Pairing with cheese: Swiss cheese, Stilton, Danish blue cheese.