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Craft Masters Pilsner Blonde Beer Bottle 0.5L 4.9%

150 ден

На залиха

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Pilsner, Czech beer. Double-boiled production, for twice the taste. Kutna Hora Town Brewery was founded in 1573, just 50 years after the town of Kutna Hora was granted brewing rights. Craeft Masters Pilsner is made using open fermentation techniques, bohemian soft water for a light, clean finish and a maturation period of eight weeks in chilled cellars.

Tasting Notes: A clean blonde ale with a freshly baked herbal hoppy finish. A truly classic style of Czech Pilsner, using the original brewing method.

Food pairing: Japanese, Chinese, Indian (light) and Thai foods. Salmon sushi with wasabi puree and sliced ​​ginger, sun-dried tomato and chipotle sauce.

Accompaniment with cheese : Mascarpone, feta, queso blanco, ricotta, chevre.