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Craft Masters Hefeweizen Blonde Beer Bottle 0.5L 5.2%

190 ден

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Hefeweizen, German beer slowly brewed for eight weeks, from the 21st generation. Zotler is the oldest family-owned brewery in the world. It is now owned and managed by the 21st generation of this family. Craeft Masters Hefeweizen is produced according to the “Slow Brew” certification, which takes the quality of the beer to another level, preserving it for another 3-8 weeks.

Tasting Notes: Pour the beer in a glass nice and slow because it’s full of life. After pouring it into the glass, the beer resembles a pale yellow cloud. The yeast flavors that develop in this beer are natural, being replaced by freshly baked bread and ripe banana, followed by candy floss and fresh pine.

Food pairing: Tomato-based recipes (eg soup), oysters, garnishes with citrus vinegar, olives and rosemary (plant foods), fruit cakes, macaroni and cheese with lobster.

Accompaniment with cheese: Burrata, mozzarella, feta, chevre.