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Отворено: понеделник до петок од 12:00 до 20:00 часот
улица Максим Горки 25/4 1000 Скопје, Македонија
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Со Алберто се познаваме уште од времето на златните денови на „Пивотека“ која работеше во тој период во населбатаТафталиџе. Во тоа време тој работеше за ЕУПОЛ и прв пат се запозна со белгиските пива на еден заеднички настан кога сите држави си презентираа дел од својата култура. Белгијанците се представија со своите Трапист пива кои беа купени од продавницата и тоа беше појдовната точка на Алберто да навлезе во широкиот и богат свет на пивската култура за која претходно речиси и да немаше некое големо познавање. ви го пренесуваме интервјуто изворно на англиски јазик.

ALBERTO TADDEO Beer lover and connoisseur and consumer behavior.

 Beer lover or beer connoisseur? How do you organize according to your professional and family obligations?

I consider myself a craft beer enthusiast rather than a connoisseur, really. Connoisseurs is a term which goes well with wine and honestly I still like to believe that beer is more informal, less classy, mostly social and still popular. I have been erring in this amazing world since 2009 and besides having drunk so much beer the real plus was the people I have met and the friendship and fun, which developed over a beer trip, a pub-crawl, or a festival (even tough I am not a festival fanatic). Beer is fun and has to stay as this, informal. As for the time diverted to beer I am lucky enough to make a job that allows plenty of possibilities to explore beer scene. My family is patient until a certain point, as it should be…it is up to me balance obligations and hobbies.

Please tell us something about your first beer taste experience and your impression?

It was in March 2009 in Kosovo. Until that time I totally ignored beer (I did not even know what craft beer meant). I can say I was almost sober. During an event inside a military base a Belgian friend invited me to taste some Trappist beers (Chimay red and blue), but he had to insist. The emphasis he put to describe beer and the background, along with the first sips, turned me on right away. As soon I have found out beer was coming from Marjan, I had to go there.

After that your life has changed  in better I hope so …

No doubt. I just had to tune the level of my healthy habits a bit higher to compensate the consumption of beer. Life is only one.

Which is your favorite beer style regarding in the beginning and now in today distance? Do you like sour beer, barley wine or some kind of craft beer experiment with strange ingredients like mushroom, ginger, chestnuts,

I have not a special orientation, although I have to admit that recently bottom-fermented beers seduce me more, basically because I find them easy and rich somehow (talking about good bottom-fermented lagers/kellers/pilsners etc). These beers are meant for drinking-sessions, which is all about what beer is…a social drink! Anyway I try to scroll as much as I can the craft beer styles, it is such a diversified field and we are lucky enough to have so many chances of styles to choose.

You have visited almost every eu and non eu country I guess. Please share your impression of this travel, best brewery, organization, coast, tasting pub resting room

When you hit certain places in Belgium, England and Germany you immediately contextualize their beers into their culture. Beer for them is their daily bread; in some places of Germany (Franconia) long time ago they used beer as a mean to identify the value of an exchange of goods. They do not take it as serious as we geeks do and we should learn from this…beer is not a serious thing, I mean not that serious. Beer is meant for consumption and it should be all about good/not good, Like/don’t like. I mean it is fine try to describe a beer in a community and table a serious confrontation around it as much as this does not influence the enjoyment to drink and have fun.My favorite trips were in Franconia and England and in both these places costs are fine. USA is such a vibrant scene; they go so fast and make so much re-interpretation of our styles even creating some new ones. Great place too. If you ask me for the best beer/brewery I have a prompt answer: the next I am going to drink/visit J

Also beer festivals are part of your interest, which one is the best regarding in organization and selection of brewery?

I am not a beer festivals animal, I prefer pubs and beer places (brewpubs and breweries visits) Anyway the festivals that I enjoyed the most were all the EurHop’s editions held in Rome-Italy. Selection was really terrific and as much as the vibe.

What’s the most heated beer debate you’ve ever had?

Any beer debate after having had a few pints become heated J, thankfully J

Italian beer culture is growing up, Italy is now beer country.. do you like Italian beer, do you have your favorite style, who is Italian beer icons, legend …

True. Italy has been growing terribly fast as for craft beer. We count over 1000 breweries, although in my opinion only few dozens are really excellent, many of them walk on the right track. Having said this yes, some Italian brewers have been doing a great job by exploring and re-inventing classic styles: Belgian-lead beers of Extraomnes, Saisons of Loverbeer, IPAs and APAs of Vento Forte and Hammer, experimental styles and re-makes of Toccalmatto, barley wines of Baladin just to mention someone…this is a long topic to talk. Let’s have a beer J

Your Favorite brew pub visited and Best pub snack?

All the Franconian small breweries…but do not call them brewpubs J these are the places where beer is brewed, served and consumed.

Are you interested in homebrewing?

I used to have an interest and started homebrewing with a friend until he set a brewery and I gave up. Homebrewing is very important and helpful for those who want to get close to craft beer, since it gives a flavor of the processing…very important to establish an opinion.

 Do you taste some of our new Macedonian beer and what are your review about it?

I used to drink some of your macro beers, decent ones. I was positively impressed when the Skopsko Tamno was released but I have not had it again since then. Nothing to report about the craft scene since, I have not drunk anything yet. I see your scene is growing fast and you are very keen to learn how to make good beer. Good luck guys, it is always a pleasure to explore new beer countries and your country as a very good wine tradition. Who knows maybe one day we will drink a MGA (have you ever heard about IGAs, Italian Grape Ales?).

 Tnx and hope se you soon somewhere…

Absolutely. Cheers guys salute and have fun J

Ziveli, nazdravje